Thursday, November 29, 2012

U B (Holdings) Ltd: A Super Bullish Chart Pattern

You have seen the Chartical Part, which is very explosive for the bulls. Now let us consider some fundamental part too. Let us examine some of its holdings:
1. United Breweries Holdings Ltd  holds  18.03% in United Spirits Ltd.
2. Gem Investment & Trading Company Pvt Ltd, promoter group company holds 1.63% in UNITED BREWERIES LTD.
3. United Breweries Holdings Ltd holds 37.18% in U B ENGINEERING LTD.
Now, the point is that a brokerage house has increased the target for United Spirits Ltd to around Rs.2200, this gives further upside for the scrip of U B (Holdings) Ltd. Moreover, the book value of the shares of the company is Rs.236.90. In such a circumstance, I am expecting a minimum price of Rs.140 for the scrip in the next few trading sessions.