Thursday, November 08, 2012

Market Mantra
There is no stopping of Reliance Communications Ltd as the stock touched Rs.58.90 (almost near my first target of Rs.59). The company is coming up Q2FY13, results today. 
SEL Manufacturing Company Ltd touched Rs.5.89 today and is now trading at Rs.5.68. The scrip should give decent returns going forward. 
Today, I have recommended a Buy on Cinemax Properties Ltd (BSE Code: 532807) at Rs.22---22.35, T--Rs.32, SL--Rs.19. It belongs to the Cinemax Group. Since the stock of Cinemax India Ltd has rallied substantially, the positive effect is expected to come to this stock too...The book value of the shares of Cinemax Properties Ltd is Rs.43.13---hence the current price is quite a discount to the current price. It has a very low equity of Rs.14 Cr.