Monday, November 26, 2012

Onmobile Global Ltd: Ready to shoot up
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OnMobile Global Ltd is one of the largest white-labelled Data and Value Added Services companies for Mobile, Landline and Media Service Providers. OnMobile touches the lives of over 1 billion mobile users across 55 countries every month.
With its diverse product portfolio of Mobile Music, multi-screen Video Gateway and delivery solutions, Phone Backup and Personal Cloud Management solutions, Voice and Video portals, M-Commerce products and services, it generates, around 2 – 5% contribution for top customers and top line revenues for over 92 customers globally.
Founded in 2000, OnMobile has 1500 employees spread across India, U.S., Latin America, Africa, Australia, Middle East and Europe. The company was publicly listed in India in 2008. Recent acquisitions include Voxmobili (2007), Telisma (2008), and Dilithium Networks (2010).