Saturday, October 27, 2012

Glodyne Technoserve Ltd hit the buyer freeze, yesterday as expected, as it closed at Rs.57.30, with a huge volume. The shares had earlier fallen to some abnormal levels, before the value investors started to accumulate it gauging its  potential both from the point of view of short and medium term, perspectives. Glodyne Technoserve Ltd is basically a player from the Tech IMS space, where it rubs shoulders with the giants like TCS Ltd, Wipro Ltd, HCL Ltd and a comparatively smaller players, Allied Digital Services  Ltd---in fact TCS Ltd and HCL Ltd has a very strong footing in this space. Glodyne Tech has very strong presence in the e - governance space in India. It is already providing technological support for NREGS programme, in Bihar---another domestic order is also on the cards, which is expected to take its order to around Rs.1000 Cr by the end of FY13. Few years  back (2009) it acquired Broadllyne Technologies Ltd, a Managed Application Services provider in the education sector, headquartered in Mumbai.  Broadllyne has a huge list of clients mostly schools and colleges and has a good execution pipeline for the next couple of  years. The Broadllyne acquisition was a strategic initiative to penetrate the rapidly growing education sector with end to end managed services offerings. Last year it acquired Comat Technologies. This acquisition was a two-pronged strategy. One was backward integration which helps to execute lot of large programmes which are already in the execution pipeline. And, also on the frontend, it is able to ride on its financial inclusion strategy on its exiting contracts like UID-based kind of programmes. The deal with Comat Technologies, was an all cash one. Yesterday, we saw good movement in the share of CORE Education & Technologies Ltd---this could have a positive effect on the shares of the company. Glodyne (erstwhile Paradyne) Tech Ltd has been chugging on well on the financial front too--its Q1FY13, results were superb; the Total Income of the company jumped to Rs.454.21 Cr (Rs.347.03 Cr) and Net Profit came at whooping Rs.76.03 Cr (Rs.53.23 Cr). The EPS for Q1FY13 is Rs.16.88 as against Rs.12.44 in the same period previous year. In 2005-2006, it was a Rs.87,000-crore company, while its revenue in FY12 was a whooping Rs1,612.47 Cr. The company is growing at a top speed and now the new US acquisition is expected to bring more colours to the company. The large-size acquisition of DecisionOne la couple of years back, is expected to continue to flood its order pipeline from Northern America which constitutes of America and Canada. It has a business model which is more OPEX-driven, rather than Capex--driven As far as the CAGR for the last three to four years are concerned, it has been more than 25% and the growth has been outrageously exponential. I am expecting it to touch Rs.200, in the next few months. The company is expected to come up with Q2FY13, results by 15th November, 2012---according to my close sources, the results will be good or along the expected lines.
India Bulls Securities Ltd which was recommended around Rs.7-7.5-8, touched Rs.11.18 yesterday, as the company came out with decent set of numbers for the Q2FY12, though the sales were not upto the mark. 
Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd hit the buyer freeze in the late afternoon trade. Those who are still thinking of buying the stock, should buy it like Fixed Deposit and keep holding. The scrip is expected to give superb returns going forward. I have already placed a brief report on the company at:
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