Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Suman,
                     Nice of the time you look at.  Sorry, I could not ,even, thank for your advising-message sent to me earlier.  Your blog has created interest as such that I am eager enough to surf regularly. .Believe, your deliveries are marvelous. Compilations and illustrations all incredible.These equally tilt the pan of your knowledge, your dedication to procure material in support of your delivery and expression in as much as you have deep knowledge in Music. I am confident that subscribers connected to you might be feeling each day, a Mondayish and enjoying fruitful outcome, from their investments as I have, too, though a bit little in quantum.
My sincere good wishes to you as well as to your subscribers.

Sushil k Jain,

Note: Mr. S K Jain is a Renowned Musician of Punjab Gharan. Some months back, in programmes organized in Mumbai and Pune, Pt Yogesh Samsi (Tabla Maestro) and two of his disciples performed his compositions for more than 2 hours.

My reply: Mr.Jain, my sincere thanks to you for visiting my blog and having faith on my calls. Thanks also for the complements that you have showered on me. It is  really great to know that you could eke out some profits from my recommended scrips. I wish, you get the same outcome in future. 
The Indian markets are in a roll, after the US came out with QE3 (In QE3 the US Federal Reserve is expected to pump in billions of dollars every month into mortgage-backed securities) and India going all out on reforms agenda, to bring in the much needed growth. Meanwhile, the situation in Europe is easing, while both China and India are expected to go for monetary easings in the coming days to boost growth. In such a situation, I cannot help but be super duper BULLISH on the Indian markets.. 
Now the rally in small and mid caps are about to begin in a full fledged way, once this starts we will probably be venturing into a new bull market. 
Yes, I do have strong inclination towards Hindustani Classical Music, but these days due to paucity of time, I am not able to focus more on it. I hope with the good wishes, from well-wishers like, you I would be able to progress well, in future in this stream too. Thanks again and God bless  you.