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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Something should be done regarding the Corporate Salaries of top honchos: Let me give here some examples, excluding the Tatas and Ambanis:
(i) Navin Jindal, also a member of the Parliament draws Rs.73.4 crore (now makes news for getting cheap coal allocation and selling expensive power),
(ii) Kalanithi Maran and his wife (in the news for the telecom scam), Rs.114 crore,
(iii) Vijay Mallya another MP earns Rs.41.4 crore for sinking Kingfisher,
(iv) Kumar Mangalam Birla pays himself Rs.39.7 crore,
(v) Pawan Munjal gets Rs.34.5 crore, 

(vi  Sunil Mittal gets Rs.21.3 crore and so on......
This is in addition to the seven star lives, they enjoy which are normally paid by their companies. In addition to these they get capital gains, on the shares of the company plus the dividends along with other shareaholders.
THIS IS A VIRTUAL LOOT OF THE SHAREHOLDERS' CAPITAL. Many shareholders of these companies did not make a penny in their holdings during the last few year, but their promoters and their top ranked officials made millions during the same period.
But have we seen SEBI ever talking about the same? Or have you seen any POLITICAL OUTFIT speaking about the same? Have we seen any NGO speaking about the same in the last one decade?
What for is SEBI, if it does not look after the interests of small investors?

Note: The Salary data is taken from www.moneylife.com.