Friday, September 21, 2012

Market Mantra
The Morning Call on Suzlon Ltd at Rs.16.95 saw it rise to Rs.17.10, in the intra-day trade. Suzlon Ltd could touch Rs.18--19.5 today, as the news is too good on all the fronts. I mean both fundamentally and Chartically as INR is appreciating against the USD (reducing the value of FCCBs), Restructuring of the SEBs (DISCOMs), Getting New Orders, seeking 4 months window for FCCB clearance, cut in withholding tax and so on...I shall not be surprised if this time Suzlon Ltd touches Rs.29-30, within the next 30 days...........Buy as much as you can and hold. 
V2 Retail Ltd hit the buyer freeze in the opening trade. I am expecting the share to move to Rs.30-31, in the short term, as the company could now be looking for overseas partners for strategic tie ups. Pantaloon Retail Ltd is also going great, while Koutons Retail Ltd hit another buyer freeze in the opening trade.  
Nifty Futures Ltd reached my target of 5630, in the opening trade. Those who have entered yesterday, taking my call, congratulations to them. 
My recommended Allahabad Bank Ltd at around Rs.134 and then again at around Rs.118-122, touched Rs.147 today.