Thursday, September 20, 2012

Definition of Anti--people policies, according to Trinomool Congress BJP, Left, Samajbadi Party, etc:
(i) Side with the traders' lobby so that they can be immune to any increase in the price of essential communities. Do, not address the supply sides
issues by bringing in large corporations from overseas, who has the capacity to tame down the prices and help the common man. 
(ii) Take all measures to increase inflation, by allowing the "Local Kirana" traders to have monopoly over things. Allow them to hoard things, beyond the levels and then results in Food inflation. Allow them to sell unbranded spurious products and have no accountability. Public life is very cheap----if someone dies due to consumpton of substandard oil or develops dropsy, speak of giving few thousand rupees as compensation. Stop all reforms so that India gets downgraded by international rating agencies.
(iii) Give the subsidized LPG Cylinders to President, Vice-President, Big Industrialists, like Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Bolllywood Superstars, etc at the cost of common man. The money for this subsidy has come from the poor people too, including, farmers, day labourers, etc. in the form of tax (indirect).
(iv) Allow the royal excheqer, to get bankrupt, by selling diesel below the manufacturing price......Instead of asking the state governments to cut down on taxes or asking the refineries, to cut down administrative cost (or cost of production). What would the government do, other than raise the price, when the international price of Crude Oil goes up as around 70-80% of the petroleum is imported?
(v) Allow the rich farmers, to use subsidized Fertilizers. The money for the subsidy invariably has come from both rich and poor.
Help the Traders Lobby, to create shortage and then shout, INFLATION!! INFLATION!! INFLATION!!
Or, nice way to fool the masses.........!! 
It seems now Indian Industry bodies, like CII and ASSOCHAM have no relevance, only these political outfits know what is correct for the common man!! Really Pathetic!! India's Opposition should get a Noble Prize in Economics. Isn't it?