Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Nifty Futures crossed its 4th target of 5450 today, amidst strong global cues. I think many have made money in Nifty_Futures, but the question is how many will give me some credits for the call, when most of the established marketmen were saying different. I am always contrarian in most matters and this has given a stamp of my own.
Todays' Buy Call Jai Balaji Industries Ltd hit the buyer freeze, before closing with ONLY BUYER status. The stock is heading much higher in the coming days, as the US is preparing for QE3. Today most of the steel stocks were up. I am also bullish on Tata Steel and JSW Steel Ltd.
Crude hit my target of 5400 today. After my buy call the brokerage house SMC Global also gave a buy call for a target of 5365, however my target was a bit higher. Those who have made money, from my call, congrats!!
V2 Retail Ltd which was strongly recommended as a buy; today it closed at days high at Rs.11.40. There are media reports that the government could consider FDI in retail very shortly. I have been advocating this since some days and today I also took good positions, in my personal accounts and bought for those who are in my Profit Sharing Arrangement Scheme.
Today Reliance Power Ltd closed at Rs.80.90, which is near the days high. This looks very attractive for the bulls. Even my recommended Bartronics Ltd moved up to Rs.23.75, before closing near the days high, keeping in sync with a rally in most of the IT counters. Uflex Ltd crossed Rs.98, only to fall below a key resistance level, after some profit booking was suggested to the Paid Group members. 
Those who were holding my recommended Anant Raj Industries Ltd have got  liberal dividend of Re.0.40 per equity share today. This will be the additional income apart from the capital gains the investors will get in the coming days. Those who are holding the share are requested to kindly inquire with the brokerage houses, if their dividend does not come to their linked Bank accounts within the next 15 days.
Now Join my Brokerage house or Paid Service, to mint money from the market in any conditions. Those who will join my brokerage house will get a couple of years of free subscription to the Paid Service. Those who have applied for the same, kindly give me a few days more to get their application form processed. Those who are still to send the completed forms, are requested to do at the earliest, so that the process can be started. Those whose accounts have opened are requested to deposit the cash/funds and start the process at the earliest---mere opening of accounts does not make any sense, except unnecessarily taxing the employees of my firm. 
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