Friday, September 14, 2012

Yes, the ultimate moment came for most of us and for those who believed in me or had some faith on me: FDI in Multi-brand Retail, Aviation & 4 (four) PSU sell-offs has been okay-ed, by the government of India---what a great step......!! I am sure many of you who have taken positions in the companies in these sectors, would see a rapid increase in their wealths. Those who have bought V2 Retail Ltd and Pantaloon Ltd, would probably be one of the happiest persons on earth. V2 Retail Ltd hit the buyer freeze before cooling down a bit and Pantaloon Retail Ltd touched Rs.163.70 intra-day Let's party guys, this is our moment. Lot of Kudos to the government, especially the PM and FM, for treading the reform path, after a long time. Now the government should not bend, due to threat from opposition and their allies. India Inc welcomed the move with the FICCI terming it as a "big step". FICCI general secretary Rajiv Kumar said, "This is a big step. We welcome this move," adding, "We hope the Opposition will not target the move as it is good for the economy." People are not stupid, I am sure the educated and knowledgeable, would give their consent to this excellent move, on the ballot. This single move could improve the sentiments towards the INC (not the UPA, as some like Trinomool Congress or TMC of Bengal are no better than the regressive Leftists, when it comes to reforms) in the next Lok Sabha election.....
Reliance Power Ltd today touched Rs.82.50, before cooling down to Rs.81.70, near the day's high. The stock is heading towards Rs.100 plus in the coming days. 
Allahabad Bank Ltd touched Rs.126.90, before settling at Rs.124.90. This is one of the finest stocks in the banking counters. Those who have averaged the same around Rs.118-120, on my suggestion, would be one of the biggest beneficiaries. 
Polaris Financial Tech Ltd today touched Rs.144.35, before going in for intra-day correction. The stock if you remember was recommended around Rs.120, for a target of Rs.124 and Rs.132. 
In another very important development in one of my strongly recommended counters, Bartronics India Ltd, India's largest AIDC Technology company,  announced the completion of its reorganization. The international operations are now headquartered in Singapore. Subsequent to reorganization the American entity is a subsidiary of Bartronics Asia,and a separate subsidiary called Bartronics Global Solutions Ltd (BGSL) has been as an off-shore development centre in order to cater to international operations.  The Indian operations have been reorganized into Bartronics Identification Solutions Division and Bartronics Financial Inclusion Division. The identification Solutions Division include the business of providing Solutions using AIDC technologies together with manufacturing of Smart Cards and the Financial Inclusion Division will include all the projects that the company has won in Financial Inclusion Space. In Addition to this, the company also has made arrangements to have Bartronics e-Governance Division which will include all e-governance projects. The strategic decision to reorganize the operations was taken in order to have clearly defined business lines and address the opportunities provided by each of these business units. Therefore now close your eyes and start accumulating Bartronics Ltd at Rs.22.50-23, for some superb moves in the coming days. I am expecting a target of Rs.50-52, in the next 45-60 days. 
Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd today hit the Upper Circuits, before closing near the circuits at Rs.15.60. This company is doing excellently and is expected to give superb returns going forward. Similar is the case with Anant Raj Industries Ltd which touched Rs.50.50 today. You do not need to go anywhere, just follow this blog and make money.
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