Friday, September 28, 2012

Bartronics India Ltd and Wall Mart
We have already heard lot about FDI in retail, where the giant retailers would be opening shops in India, driving down the price of products and thereby reducing inflation. In the US, the Wall Mart has defined a new system of business and  has been successful in keeping the inflation under check. In India too we would soon be moving away from Push Production System,  which we have now, where manufacturers of products decide what to produce, how much to produce and the price of the products, to what is called Pull Production System, where retailers determine what the manufacturer will produce, how much to produce and the price of the products.
To make this system successful, Barcoding of products is an essential tool. The barcoding is done by Wall Mart to keep a track on the product and its competitors. And who else can benefit more than one of the established names in this space, like Bartronics India Ltd. So, more and more retailers comes to India, the demand for service from Bartronics India Ltd (CMP: Rs.24.05) is expected to move up. Therefore, please continue accumulating the scrip for a target Rs.42-43 in the coming days.