Thursday, August 23, 2012

When will the current RBI Team be sacked to give in for more Innovative ones??!!
[Now there is a Central Bank in India called the RBI whose top office bearers, probably works worst than clerks in government offices: No Innovation, plain Arithmetic: They neither have any vision nor any pragmatism. Is this the way, the central bank bosses should behave, when the economy is sinking in deep crisis? Why will the Governor, already under an extension, be asked to quit? The other office bearers are also no good. It is superfluous to keep this team, after the former FM, quit the office. Let them be replaced with a more pragmatic ones. I would have liked to see Dr.Kaushik Basu as the Governor of RBI and both Dr.Omkar Goswami and Dr.Surjit Bhalla in the dream team. We need their services urgently, when the economy is in mess.
Also we need a responsible opposition apart from a vibrant opposition. Is there any need for a Parliament when it is not allowed to function day in and out by irresponsible opposition? In the broader scheme of things, a slowing economy seems to fade-out in  comparison to the larger crisis at hand – that of a Parliament that is completely unable to function in a normal, democratic manner. Now who will pay for the daily losses? The Opposition led by NDA? A democracy encourages openness and permits dissent, but a perennial disarray and disruption is sacrilegious]
Trade body FICCI today said RBI's current monetary tightening policy was hurting country's growth, and sought reduction of interest rates.
"The RBI policy of monetary tightening is inhibiting fresh investments and hurting growth. The government and RBI need to take steps to bring down the interest rates," Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) President R V Kanoria said.
Stating that Indian economy has potential to grow at double-digit, he said, "So why settle for an annual growth of 6-6.5%. Inflation is related more to supply side bottlenecks".
Kanoria was speaking on the sidelines of a seminar here.
He also called upon all state governments to rally around the Centre for earliest possible implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
The FICCI president said government should curtail its spending and reduce fiscal deficit, while prescribing targeted subsidies.
"There is a need to revisit the subsidies. Subsidies should be targeted and reduced so that only those deserving them are able to avail of the benefits. The subsidy in diesel is going to people who can very well afford to pay for it," he said.
He called for formulating a land acquisition law, which will take care of the people's food security while allowing industry and services to acquire lands.
Regarding the depreciation in rupee, Kanoria said RBI should concentrate on stabilising the rupee and arresting the volatility of the national currency.
In reply to a question on relations with Myanmar, Kanorisa said close ties with the neighbouring country would give a boost to the economies of the north eastern states.

Main News Body, Courtesy: Business Standard
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