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Monday, August 13, 2012

Buy Bartronics Ltd: Decent Q1FY13 Results, Sequentially Speaking
Bartronics India Ltd (CMP: Rs.24.10) posted a loss of Rs.25.60 Cr in the quarter ended June 30, as against a profit of Rs.31 Cr in the same quarter last year. However, the company narrowed the loss speaking sequentially, from Rs.39.48 Cr in Q4FY12 to Rs.25.6 Cr in Q1FY13. Also, net loss from ordinary activities before tax fell to Rs.18.61 Cr as against Rs.51.78 Cr in Q1FY13. 
However, the consolidated revenue for the period fell down to Rs.100 Cr (Rs.262 Cr). Total expenses came down to Rs 152 Cr ( Rs 223 Cr).
The total expenses for the standalone Bartronics Ltd nearly doubled to Rs.110 Cr (Rs 69 crore), while the total revenue dipped to Rs.54 Cr (Rs.99 Cr). The loss was put at Rs.16 crore against a net profit of Rs.15.19 Cr. 
Hence, there is substantial improvement in covering up the net loss speaking on sequential basis, which means the company has started to perform and is saving money to pay the FCCB, in absence of a viable bull market, where the chance of FCCB conversion looks bleak.
Sudhir Rao, Managing Director, Bartronics, said that the company was confident of recovering the receivables. “There have been delays in recovery because of the economic slowdown and consequent recessionary conditions in the global markets,” he said, commenting on the auditor’s qualification. He also defended the plan to address the FCCBs redemption issue. “While collection of receivables remains on the forefront, other alternative arrangements such as re-negotiating terms with the bond holders and other sources of financing are also pursued. We still have five months and are confident of addressing this issue,” he said. For more details on the result you can CLICK HERE.
Therefore, I feel that those who have 6 months vision (I have spoken with a close sources and who expressed this view) can start accumulating the scrip now, as I feel a temporary bottom has been formed at Rs.24.
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