Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mr. S K Jain writes
Dear Sir,
                Are you a musician/ performer or something likewise? Your site is dedicated to  musicians as well besides a great deal on stock market. It is by chance I surfed the site and was impressed. I am Sushil Jain and have interests in Tabla. My recent presentation has been in Mumbai and Pune recently on 12th  and 14th respectively where in Pt Yogesh Samsi with his two students performed my compositions for more than 2 hours. I belong to Punjab Gharana.  I also wish to invest if you could suggest something.


My Reply:  Mr.Jain thanks for your wonderful post and for complimenting my blog.  Yes, people like you actually gives me the inspiration and courage to surge ahead. Hope, I would be able to continue in future too, with the good wishes of all of you. 
Now coming to questions, let me answer them in this way: 
(i) Yes, I am a Musician, and play the Tabla, the Sitar and the Harmonium. I am also a classical vocalist, but these days I do not get much time to practice classical music. 
(ii) It is heartening to note that noted Tabla player and  a disciple of legendary Tabla maestro, Pt.Allah Rakah (daddy of Pt.Zakir Hussein), Mr. Y Shamshi played your compositions. 
Yes, Punjab Gharna is known to create special aura, when solo playing is concerned. In Punjab Gharana, I suppose, there is more intricate use of "Baya" or the left hand drum (for Yogesh Shamshi ji, it is right hand drum), and "Bayas" give baritone sounds. However,  I have seen Mr.Shamshji, playing, but his "Baya" fails to give the charm of "Punjab Gharana". Anyway, all the best for your future ventures. 
(iii) Buy any of the bank counters, most of them are beaten down heavily. Also, you can buy scrips which has large coal blocks,, eg. Reliance Power.The government has said it has no plans to cut the allocation of mines and hence please use this opportunity to corner this blue chip.
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