Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cords Cable Ltd recommended today to the Paid Service Members as a break out candidate, moved to Rs.28.75, before settling at Rs.28.05. Another stock which could give fantastic returns within a small time, is also recommended---what is the name of the stock?
KSK Energy Ventures Ltd today touched Rs.69.40, after a positive news came on the power sector--most of the stocks in this sector rallied including Reliance Power Lt. So, what is the next target for the scrip after good Q1FY13 results speaking Q-o-Q basis? While the topline was more or less flat, the company came  out with a net profit of Rs.9.94 Cr in Q1FY13, as against a net LOSS of Rs.74.2 Cr.  Meanwhile, Coal India Ltd agreed to a new higher penalty for the Fuel Supply Agreements (FSAs) to be signed with power producers which have commissioned units after March 30, 2009. According to the board's decision on Tuesday, CIL will supply coal at 80% higher trigger level, which would be a mix of indigenous and imported coal. Supplies below 65% would attract 1.5% penalty; 65-60% will have 5% penalty; 50-65% would attract 10% penalty; 55-50% will have 20% penalty and below 50% supplies will attract 40% penalty. CIL Chairman S Narsingh Rao said that the board as agreed in-principle for pool pricing of coal. All these are going to have a positive effect on the power generation companies.
Bartronics Ltd today touched Rs.29, the scrip was recommended a couple of days back to the Paid Group and to those who are having accounts with my brokerage house. Why did I recommend this scrip? There must be some reasons? Isn't it? Join me to get to know such hidden secrets of the companies. Now, Sundry Debtors of the company, include trade receivables aggregating to Rs. 84,193.09 lakhs (Rs.841.93 Cr) as at March 31, 2012. On account of the economic slowdown and consequent recessionary conditions in the global market there have been delays in recovery of such amounts. Given the fact that the amounts are recoverable from customers with whom the Company has a long standing relationship, the Management is confident of realizing the amounts due The Financial Year 2011-12, has been extended--I think prudent/intelligent investors/traders understood my hint, as what the next target could be......Huh!! 
Both Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd (rose to Rs.17.90 and almost touched the circuits) and Anant Raj Industries Ltd (touched Rs.51.90) did well today. A RATE CUT COULD BE IN THE OFFING as Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, has indicated that the government will push for interest rate cuts saying that sometimes it is necessary to take carefully calibrated risks to stimulate investment. Today, after I presented this write up in this blog, a leading pink daily also came up with an almost an identical hint. In view of this bank stocks were asked to be accumulated.
My recommended Nucleus Software Ltd today touched Rs.73.20, before closing at Rs.69.80. Also, lot of developments are taking place in Country Club (India) Ltd, as the company is on an expansion spree. I feel the scrip could blast at any time from now. CMP: Rs.6.75.
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