Thursday, August 23, 2012

Suven Life Science Ltd hit the buyer freeze today in late afternoon trade. The stock was recommended to the Paid Service Members last week around Rs.18--18.50.
Vjay Shanthi Builders Ltd today moved to Rs.18.90 before cooling down a bit. Once, the interset rate starts teparing off, the stocks in this sector will simply shoot.
Anant Raj Industries Ltd moved to Rs.48.70, before cooling a down a bit and closing at around Rs.48.20. The strong was strongly recommended yesterday in this blog.
Country Club Ltd came out with good set of numbers speaking sequentially. This is a massive company and the scrip cannot trade at this price.
Buy the stocks in the Retail Space. I have already recommended V2 Retail Ltd (erstwhile Vishal Retail) yesterday. The FDI in retail is now a foregone conclusion, as individual states could start lureing foreign retailers after the government passes an ordinance. The telecom company Bharti Airtel Ltd has already tied up with Wall Mart. Some months back, there were news in a section of the media, that Bharti Walmart is in talks with several banks such as Citigroup Inc (C.N), JP Morgan Chase (JPM.N), Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) and BNP Paribas to raise loans to fund its local expansion plans. The FDI in single brand retail is already there.....!! Meanwhile, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma today said no state will be forced to implement FDI in multi-brand retail, even as the key ruling front ally Mamata Banerjee opposed opening of the sector. Though some states are not in its favour, they too will gradually see the benefit of it, he said adding opening up of the sector would help farmers, consumers as well as small entrepreneurs as integrated infrastructure will benefit the rural economy. He said as many as 10 states have endorsed the Centre's decision to allow foreign investment in the sector. "The chief ministers of top 10 states have already extended their support to Centre's decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail, stating the move will improve availability of quality goods and enhance competitiveness," Sharma said. Therefore, where Mamata Banerjee and her regressive party (following the foot-steps of Left), TMC supports or not FDI, in retail is almost certain now. West Bengal has perhaps gone for a toss, with a chequered ruling party and an equally obnoxious and opportunist, opposition. Similarly, BJP is trying is taking the whole country to ransom, in its efforts to protect,  around 4 Cr "Kirana" Shop owners.....Huh!! Who are they fooling---are we all vegetables. Does BJP take our votes for granted.....? This kind of political opposition for the sake of vote bank, will bring in more enemies than friends. BJP now has no statesman to lead but goes on talking big.....!!  Do, you think that they are opposing for the benefit of majority of Indians? If you think so then I find you are absolutely mistaken!! No party does anything for charity----there is a latent purpose behind every action of any political front--be it BJP or INC. The BJP, TMC and SP are not holy cows either---therefore, switch off the TV Channels, when they start blocking the Parliament and continue with the drama.  Parliament is a place to work, and not for "Draama Baazi"....We are not morons either, that they can convince us with thier stupid behaviours.....Don't vote the parties who are against 100 Cr Indians--plain and simple...!! And another thing how did that idiot, Smriti Irani, who does not know what to say in front of TV cameras, got elected from Gujarat, to the Rajya Sabha......Huh!! Strange.....!! What is happening in India? Someone told me that, if one has money he/she can buy tickets for the Parliament....!!
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