Sunday, July 22, 2012

Join My NEW Brokerge House: Win exciting offer/s!! Special Offer for the HNIs
You can join my new brokerage house, with capital as low as Rs.2 (two) lakhs (or transfer the shares worth 2 lakhs from your original brokerage  house, if you are not having the required cash at the moment) and feel the difference. The brokerage would be at par with ICICI Securities Ltd but for HNIs (for Cash Investments above Rs.10 lakhs--not through share) there would be some additional benefits. 
The point to be noted here is that: You are already investing through a brokerage house--what you need to do is to simply change your brokerage house and transfer the shares from the original brokerage house to the New Brokerage House. Simple Isn't it?
The first 100 fresh joinees will get 2 (two) years of Premium Subscription worth Rs.13, 500 Free, plus 50% deduction on the Premium Yearly Subscription (50% of Rs.7000= Rs.3500) from 3rd year upto 8th year. THEREFORE HURRY UP BEFORE THE SCHEME DRIES UP....!!
And after that (after 8th year) if the investor continues with the brokerage, the Premium Subscription would be FREE FOR LIFE (as long as he/she continues with my recommended brokerage house) and would get constant guide during the market hours. In case of profit sharing too, you will get discounts in this scheme. If you still have doubts please do, speak with me when I am online. 
It does not matter which part of the world you are at the moment, only thing that is needed is to send me some of documents which are essential to open a Demat and a Trading Account. Your commodity trading account will be opened Free of Charge. So, hurry up, till the scheme gets fully subscribed. You would get the help from me, apart from the help of my friends in the brokerage house. Maximise your returns, with minimum efforts.
Thanks all for your overwhelming response. Those whose accounts have opened are requested to deposit the required fund and start in a new way. For any problem, you can mail me at: My Yahoo Messenger ID: My Gtalk ID:
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