Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today Jai Balaji Industries Ltd touched Rs.38.90 intra-day before cooling down a bit. The scrip is trading at some ridiculous price when the Q1FY13 results are expected to be good.
Yesterday's call on Nucleus Software Ltd saw it touch Rs.72.70 intra-day. The scrip closed at Rs.69.30. I had placed a brief report on the company at: 
The Nifty yesterday behaved as expected and those who held on to the positions made profits. But then what would the investors/traders do now? Where should one put on their hard earned money? A positive news is that, Chinese factory output suggests that stimulus measures are starting to boost the world's second-largest economy. Chinese economic growth in the second quarter cooled to 7.6 percent from a year earlier, its slowest pace in more than three years, but still way ahead of the United States and the euro zone, which has likely fallen back into recession. The drama in Europe unfurls (courtesy Media) now and then, like the pendulum of a clock exhibiting SHM!! But most of us are particularly NOT moved by the latest warnings, yield spikes, or talk of the euro zone collapsing. Having heard the boy cry wolf, so the speak, for the past two-and-a-half years, it's hard to get all that worked up about anything out of Europe that we haven't already heard many times before.
I have recommended a scrip from the steel sector whose price is below Rs.7 but could touch Rs.12-15 in the next 6 months time frame. A brief report on the scrip has also been placed on my Premium Blog, for the Paid Members and those who are trading through my brokerage house. You will get it here: Click Premium Blog.
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