Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Market Mantra
Vijay Shanti Builders Ltd hits the 2nd consecutive buyer freeze in the opening trade. The scrip was recommended today also to the Paid Members. There is an old report on the company at:
Reliance Power Ltd today move up in the opening due to large scale delivery based buying. The power companies should do well in the near future due to lot of positive factors. There is  a brief report on the company at: Today it is moving up with huge volume---already 1 million shares have been trade in the BSE. 
My recently recommended Voltas Ltd moved to Rs.115.65, today before cooling down a bit. The stock if you remember was recommended around Rs.101--102 ranges, some weeks back. 
Morning Call Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd hits the 3rd consecutive buyer freeze. The company's share price has fallen from Rs.400 plus to some abnormal levels. 
Those who could NOT buy Indiabulls Securities Ltd (BSE Code: 532960) during the last couple of days, can BUY the scrip today, as it is out of the circuits. One should accumulate these blue chips in their portfolio as the market is on a BULL platform. 
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