Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Market Mantra
Morning Call buy  Adani Enpterprise Ltd at Rs.188.40, T--Rs.197, SL--Rs.182. This call was based on the spot news that: It was just a rumour that the group's head Gautam Adani had been arrested in connection with kidnapping of NCP leader Jayanti Gohil. It IS now trading at Rs.197..............TARGET ACHIEVED........
Accumulate Tera Software Ltd at around Rs.63-64, for a target of Rs.75. There are some positive news in the coming in the counter. 
Now buy Vijay Shanti Builders Ltd at Rs.16.50, for the upper freeze (Rs.17.66). The Q1FY13 results of the company should be good, according to my close sources. 
From today (18th July, 2012), I have started a NEW BLOG, where the Paid Service members would be able to view, my inputs (Short Term News, Insider Information, Chartical Interferences, Positional Calls, Market Rumours, F & O Calls, Daily Trading Calls, Brokerage Calls, etc) from time to time, even if they miss my mail due to some reasons. This blog will be open for today (upto 12 O'Clock today) only, from tomorrow it will only be available to those who are into my Paid Service or those who have joined my Brokerage House and have invested so funds or are into my Profit Sharing Scheme or have applied for an account in my brokerage house with an intention to invest through it. The address of the blog is:
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