Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Join My NEW Brokerge House: Win exciting offer/s!! Special Offer for the HNIs
You can join my new brokerage house, with capital as low as Rs.2 lakhs and take leverage upto 6 lakhs (delivery and Rs.10 lakhs intra-day) and keep holding the scrips as long as you wish, provided the hair cut does not exceed 30% of the capital invested (this is to safeguard you against excessive losses, as the market is highly volatile). The Intra-day limit is restricted to save you from excessive losses, in case of sudden fall in the markets, which is so common these days. 
This means the value of the shares should not fall below Rs.1.4 lakhs (on an investment of Rs.2 lakhs), in order to avoid liquidation--only that you need to pay some interest on the additional amount. In these kinds of markets it is one of the best options as the share price falls and then again recovers within 30-45 days. Normally, the brokerages goes for RMS selling to liquidate the leveraged positions, causing  huge loss to the traders--here you would be saved, in times of market upheavals. 
In good times, since the leverage is 3 times, your profit would also get multiplied by 3 times, which essentially means, say if you have invested Rs.2 lakhs in Lanco Infratech Ltd and the scrip moves up by 20% in 2 months then your profits becomes 60%, minus brokerage, interest paid and other charges, giving you a handsome return. If this happens in one month just calculate the profits.
Therefore, even if you pay interest of say 4% in two months you can make 3x20% on the leverage capital (minus other charges as discussed above)---this is the advantage. Here the brokerage is at par with ICICI Securities, so I think those who are having accounts in ICICI Securities can safely shift here...
However, for HNIs (for investments above 20 lakhs) there would be added benefits. This scheme is like Futures but not exactly the same thing.
Also, if you join my brokerage house you would get 2 (two) years of Premium Subscription worth Rs.13, 500 Free, plus 50% deduction on the Premium Yearly Subscription (50% of Rs.7000= Rs.3500) from 3rd year upto 8th year. 
And after that (after 8th year) if the investor continues with the brokerage, the Premium Subscription would be FREE FOR LIFE and would get constant guide during the market hours. In case of profit sharing too, you will get discounts in this scheme. 
Join me and make hassle free money. If your objective is to make money from the markets without the help of high risk F & O trading, but with my help, then Join Me immediately. It does not matter which part of the world you are at the moment, only thing that is needed is to send me some of documents which are essential to open a Demat and a Trading Account. So, hurry up, till the scheme gets fully subscribed. Last time I got overwhelming response from all of you--thanks for the same. You can mail me at: sumanm2007s@gmail.com/suman2005s@rediffmail.com. My Yahoo Messenger ID: suman_2004s@yahoo.co.uk.
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