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Sunday, April 01, 2012

 The Price of Paid Packages to Increase from 1st May, 2012
I am going to increase the price of Paid Service from 1st May, 2012 and  hence those who want to enroll should do that before the specified period. Also, those who will join my brokerage house, will get one year FREE SUBSCRIPTION of the Paid Service--get AFTER MARKET OPENING STRATEGIES, NIFTY FUTURES TRADING ASSISTANCE AND CONSTANT SUPPORT IN YAHOO MESSENGER/GOOGLE TALK during the market hours. Moreover, if you put a minimum balance of Rs.2 lakhs (Rs.5 lakhs for other brokerage accounts), in my brokerage account, then you can go for profit sharing arrangement.....
Get your income multiplied through short term trading in  Nifty Futures, Large Caps, Mid caps, Small caps, etc.....It is important to note that trading in Nifty futures do not depend on market conditions, i.e. you can make money in any market conditions, provided you follow a correct analysis...So LONG or SHORT, you make money through Nifty Futures......Hence, join the Profit Sharing Arrangement Scheme, to avail of this Unique Opportunity.
Yes, make hassle free money by joining my brokerage house (Minimum Investment: Rs.2 lakhs, except special cases)...To Recover your lost money through market...join me here.....Apply for consideration of SPECIAL CASE, where minimum investment amount would be reduced, subject to certain conditions....!!
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