Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Market Mantra
I am going to increase the price of my Paid Package from the 1st May, 2012. So those who want to enroll should do it before this stipulated date.
Afternoon Call to the Paid Group Members, Buy Mini_Nifty at 5220, T--5270, SL--5188. Mini_Nifty is now trading at 5257 having moved much higher earlier. How much profits did the Paid Service members get in one shot? Now just compare my YEARLY CHARGES (of Paid Service) with it...Did you get anything? Also, you must have observed my Nifty calls during the last 3-4 months or may be more than that.....Now, just ask yourself, how much accurate they are.....Is it more than 90% or less than 90%? Everything is there in this blog folks...just do a bit of search and find out...After that ask yourself: would you get similar package of Paid Service at the Price (and accuracy) I give, in the Internet? Most of the REPUTED PAID SERVICE which gives good Nifty calls would not take less than Rs.5000 per month. Now ask yourself how much I take per month.....After that if you are convinced then only send me mails to join my Paid Service, or else don't send, as it increases my work-load (Replying Unnecessarily). Also, those who want to join profit sharing arrangement in only Nifty Trading, can join my brokerage house. Minimum Capital required: Rs.2 lakhs (Subject to conditions). The account maintenance, brokerages and other charges would be at par with ICICI or ICICI Securities Ltd (I know many of you have accounts with them....). Join me and find the difference....!! Only 50 persons would be taken this time........!!
Any Natural Calamity is generally positive for the markets, as it boosts spending.....though we need to sympathies with those who loses their near and dear ones or loses their properties.........
Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd hits the buyer freeze in the opening trade  before cooling down a bit. The stock can hit 3rd consecutive buyer freeze anytime from now.
Kohinoor Broadcasting Corporation Ltd is up more than 4% in the late afternoon trade. Those who want to strike gold in the scrip, should buy it now without fail. The stock should reach Rs.20, in the coming days. 
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