Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I shall be increasing the price of my Paid Packages from 1st May, 2012, to factor in the high inflation, hence enroll before that.......However, if you are joining my Brokerage Outfit, one year Paid Subscription is free and if you go for profit sharing arrangement, then the Paid Subscription is free for ever. For details please rush me a mail.....
Nifty surged ahead as a buy call was given to the Paid Service members at around 5204, with a SL of 5170, for a target of 5250--5275. I think today, most of the Paid Members made good money from the buy call on Nifty. 
The Bank Nifty soared as a buy call was initiated in the counter. The following call was given during the market  hours, both to the Free and Paid Members: Buy Bank Nifty at 10060, T--10900, SL--9990.
There is no stopping of Dish TV Ltd as the stock today, was on the verge of breaking Rs.62 mark. The stock earlier touched my first target of Rs.61. I think the stock has more upsides left, as the media industry is going for rapid digitization, which is positive for Dish TV Ltd. 
IFCI Ltd recommended today, around Rs.40.35, surged to Rs.41.90, before closing flat. The bank stocks are expected to surge ahead in the coming days, as the RBI has now no option but to cut rates,  because the INR is stabilizing against the USD. Though many of the market Pundits are predicting a cut of 75 basis points (Max) for the whole year, I think, the RBI needs to cut the rates a little more deeper, if the GDP, estimates of 2012-13 are to be fulfilled. The kind of rates, we now  have are abnormal and cannot be pursued for long. I  hope the whole RBI team has not gone full rabid along with the current FM, who is a novice in the Financial Sector, but is unfortunately occupying this position. The simple fact is that with this kind of rates we now have, it will only fuel inflation, instead of lowering it.....Only cutting demands is not the solution, the government should crack down on hoarders and open the grounds for more imports if the inflation is to come down. However, I do not understand one thing, when we are in a growing economy, what is there to fear so much about inflation unless it touches double digits. When the Maharashtra Rent Control act gives provisions to increase the rent by as much as 15% per annam, then why the government is spending so much resources in this single, factor, "Inflation"??!! If the government is so concerned about inflation, then why did it increase service tax and other duties? The ghost lies elsewhere!! The moot point is that the government  wants to garner the votes of pensioners and those who are keeping all the ill-got money in Banks/Financial institutions--this section gets benefited in high interest regimes, at the cost of common man, who has to pay more, if a company increases the price of a car due to increase in duty. Isn't it? Did you find how RIL benefited from the idle money and ECBs taken at much lower interest rates and then putting the same money in Indian fixed deposits. An interesting point is that our current FM belongs to this category too (age group)---so he and his friends would be benefited (by the way of earnings from fixed deposits and short term deposits) as long as the interest rates are abnormally kept high on the name of controlling inflation. Very cunning ploy indeed!! So, raise your voice, and show to the world how the RBI in collusion with the government is looting people--the common man. I am sure most of the RBI officials also knows about this trick, but they cannot open their mouths due to government strictures.
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