Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Market Mantra
I shall be hiking the price of the Paid Services from 1st May, 2012, to factor in inflation
Today's afternoon, recommendation to the Paid Service Members is: Buy Bank Nifty at 10060, T--10900, SL--9990.
Buy IFCI Ltd at Rs.40.30--40.35, T--Rs.42.70, SL-Rs.39. Any positive effect on the bank Nifty would have multiplying effect on this counter as it works in various verticals.With the rupee recovering today, the prospects of the RBI cutting interest rate has again become bright. Buy all the bank shares to the hilt.
There is no Stopping of Dish TV Ltd as the stock touched its first target of Rs.61. The stock should have large targets as the scrip was recommended near the all time lows. 
What was the message sent to the Paid Group on Nifty and where would it find resistance and supports today....? What to do with naked shorts....? Now Nifty is around 5204, where is it expected to close today...?
Buy Reliance Industries Ltd at Rs.721, T--Rs.758, SL--Rs.698. With the government pulling all its sleeves, to go all out for FDI in multi-brand retail (FDI in single brand retail is already there), the company is expected to get a rub-off benefit. I have heard (unconfirmed news), that Wall Mart has already taken in a large area in a shopping mall in a prime location in Hyderabad, to start its operations.
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