Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Chart of Allied Digital Services Ltd
IFCI Ltd, today shot up to Rs.35.10, before cooling down a  bit. The scrip is now heading towards Rs.52-54 ranges in the coming days---I have raised the target price, following the new developments in the company, some of which has  been discussed in this blog, a couple of days back. 
Today GATI Ltd hit the buyer freeze in the mid afternoon trade. The stock was also recommended today morning to the Paid Group members and then also to the Free Yahoo Group SumanSpeaks.  It is one of the finest companies in the transportation space.
Today Prakash Industries Ltd shot up to Rs.56.90 before cooling at Rs.56.50. The stock was recommended yesterday at Rs.53-54, after the company came out with superb set of numbers for the Q3FY12.  It is a pity that this stock which used to trade above Rs.200 and used to get recommended repeatedly by eminent brokerage houses at a much higher price, is now trading at around Rs.55-56. The stock is expected to move to Rs.62-65-69 in the coming days.
Today Bartronics Ltd shot up to Rs.43.05 before cooling down a  bit. The company  has virtual monopoly in its area of business. It has four subsidiary companies viz., Bartronics America  Inc, Bartronics Asia Pte Limited, ROI Public Relations Private Limited and Bartronics Middle East FZE and three step down subsidiary companies viz., Quality-E- People, Inc., Performica Software Private  Limited and Bartronics Hong Kong Limited. The Company continues to see strong growth traction across existing business and expects the momentum to continue in future also. This stock is expected to give bumper returns going forward--mark my words.
Today Allied Digital Services Ltd touched Rs.28.40 before cooling down a bit. Also, a great news came from the company, in the form of appointment of Mr.Paresh Shah (Not the Bollywood comedy man, Paresh Rawal Bhai--dhyan rakhna....Lol) as the new CEO of the company. This is another step towards the massive restructuring that the company is carrying out from the top to bottom. According to my close sources, who refused to be identified, Mr. Paresh Shah is a  no nonsense man and is a task-master. I think from today, some of the brokerage houses might point their compasses, towards this company. Mr. Paresh Shah has an extensive experience in Business Transformation, Enterprise Solutions Architecture and Total Outsourcing Solutions. His career experience in IT, spans over 24 years and in diverse technologies and industries such as telecom, Banking, Retail, etc. Prior to joining of Allied Digital Services Ltd Mr. Paresh Shah, acted as  Global Practice Head, Enterprise Technologies for Wipro. Mr.Paresh Shah was instrumental in developing business models and solutions architectures for technology transformation at Wipro. Other leading positions that he held at Wipro were Chief Solutions Architect and Division head for innovations. Hence, his elevation to the post of CEO, could bring in new technologies and as well take the company into the next stage of growth. This is a welcome decision, after the current CEO's dismal performance, during the last few months. I think, any time from now, the shares of the company could move above Rs.30--keep an eye on the counter.  Now the Q3FY12, results of the company does not matter much, as we now have a new driver (a seasoned one) who could propel the company to the new groove.The company is already doing buy back of its shares from the open market. 
Rallis India Ltd was recommended to the Paid Service members at Rs.136, T--Rs.147-148, SL--Rs.125 (exit). The scrip rose upto Rs.141.90 intra-day. MMTC was also recommended today at Rs.900, T-Rs.1000, SL--Rs.845 (exit)--the scrip rose to Rs.922. Those who have not sold the scrips can continue holding.
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