Sunday, December 03, 2006

Soma Textiles & Industries Limited, is a US$40 Million-plus Textile company with integrated manufacturing facilities for its Product groups. It is a 36 year old company head-quartered in Ahmedabad, India having factories in Ahmedabad and Baramati. It manufactures the following products: a) 100% Cotton Yarn – exclusively for exports (from its Baramati Plant) b) High Value Shirting Fabrics – 100% Cotton & PC blended c) Bottom Wear Fabrics – 100% Cotton & Poly-Cotton & d) Denim Fabrics. It employs the latest technology that pays. It has state of art machines in each and every department. Replacing old with latest machinery is a continuous process at Soma Textiles and hence the average age of its machinery is very low. Some of the machineries are as follows: Spinning: 55,000 Spindles & 550 Rotors – German, Swiss & Japanese machinery. Weaving: High Speed Airjet & Rapier (72 Nos.- Belgian & Japanese) Looms for High Value Shirting & Bottom Wear. High Speed Airjet, Projectile & Rapier (120 Nos.- Swiss, Italian & Japanese) Looms for DENIM. Processing: German Continuous Bleaching and Dyeing Ranges for Shirting &Bottom-wear fabrics. German and Swiss Slasher Dyeing and Processing machines for Denim Fabrics. All the above are supported by the latest state of art laboratories and run by technically qualified textile engineers.

The company provides a wide range of textile products:

Yarns: 100% Cotton Combed yarns from 24s Ne to 2/80s Ne. Polyester-Cotton & Polyester-Viscose yarns from 30s Ne to 60s Ne. Shirting and Bottomwear Fabrics: It produces a wide range of Shirting and Bottom-wear categories in 100% Cotton, Polyester Cotton blends and Poly-Cottons. It provides these finished fabrics in Piece Dyed, Bleach and Ready to Dye (RFD) varieties. These fabrics are manufactured in Plain, Twill, Satin weaves and various Dobby designs. Denims: Every season, its Denim collection boasts of a premium range that is unlimited and diverse. The evergreen comprehensive product line includes. # Silky Denims (made of fine 2 ply yarns) # Slub & Streaky Denims # Poly Denim # Stretch Denim and # Exotic Denims – (made of dobby designs and weave patterns). Investment Rationale: 1. The Company has allotted 1,850,000 Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) worth USD 17.2975 million, to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in it Board Meeting held on October 20, 2006. GDRs has been duly listed at Luxembourg Stock Exchange. 2. A fire broke out at the Company's Factory premises at Rakhial Road, Ahmedabad on April 05, 2006, and the company is expected to get the Insured amount soon, which will directly show up in the December quarter balance sheet. From my experience, I have seen those companies in which fire breaks out, rises to dizzy heights. This might be coincidence, but I have found that in most of the cases this is true. RIL had a fire some months back. Hence U are expected to see "the fire in RIL Scrip" by Fiscal- 2008-2009. 3. The Company received Final Debonding Order dated February 24, 2006 from the Office of the Development Commissioner, SEEPZ Special Economic Zone, Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Andheri (E), Mumbai, allowing debonding of the Company's 100% EOU located at Baramati, Dist. Pune. This will give more flexibility to the Company in selling its products in the domestic market as well. 4. The Company received a copy of letter dated February 23, 2006 issued by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.(MSEB), Pune Rural Circle, Pune addressed to The Executive Engineer, Maharashtra State Electricity Board, O&M Division Baramati for release of additional High Tension power supply to the Company’s unit at Baramati, which will lead to saving in power cost by 15% to 20% in comparison to the Captive Power Plant of the Company. 5. The Denim Demand Generally picks up during the winter. Besides the company will get benefited from Anti-dumping duty put by US on some of Chinese Exports. 6. The bumper Cotton Production in India is expected to keep the price of cotton Yarn and Ready Made Garments low. Hence this will help the company increase the bottomlines. There were already reports in a pink daily that the cotton prices are coming down. 7. The company came up with superb results for the September, 2006. The net sales of the company increased to Rs.53.6 Cr in Q2FY-06-07, from Rs.47.3 in FY-05-06. The net profit of the company increased from Rs.2.65 Cr in FY-2005-06 to Rs.3.3 Cr. The EPS for the September, 2006 is Rs.2.24 against Rs.1.82 in the same period previous year. Some of its due to completion of the Rs.87 Cr Expansions at the earlier part of this Year. The expected EPS for the FY-06-07 is Rs.8-Rs.9, which gives the TARGET share price in the range of Rs.90--Rs.130 in 18 months time. 8. A team of highly qualified professionals manages the day to day affairs of the company. The company is expected to get a new contract soon. The shares of the company is trading at a discount to its book value of around Rs.40. Hence, considering all these factors, I think this scrip is highly undervalued and should be purchased on Monday, for some wonderful gains by March, 2007. Update on Conart Engineers Ltd: The company is having a spate of meetings involving top officials. I think something is cooking in the counter. Please hold on to ur remaining postions or u can buy at any dips. It seems the shares of the company will make new highs in the days ahead. It is an excellent company in the Civil Construction space and might behave like some of my multi-bagger recommended picks, Kamanwala Industries Ltd some months back at around Rs.80,Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd last year at Rs.80 (before the bonus issue), Sujana Metal Products Ltd at Rs.17 in early 2005, etc. I am trying to find the total value of the Land Bank available with the company. There are rumours in the market that the company is having a huge land bank at its disposal. Update on Kilburn Engineering Ltd: Exit this company without any fail on Monday. I will again tell u when to enter the counter. At present the company is mired in debts and litigations. I think the shares of this company (at around Rs.74) is fairly valued. CAVEAT: PLEASE AVOID PLAYING ON, 100 COMPANIES AT A TIME. KINDLY DO NOT INVEST IN COMPANIES WHOSE STORIES OR GROWTH PROJECTIONS ARE NOT KNOWN TO U. INVEST IN NOT MORE THAN 7-10 COMPANIES AT A TIME AND GO ON TRACKING THEM. IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT, THERE ARE SOME ANALYSTS/MARKETMEN, WHO GIVE OUT THE NAMES OF 50 COMPANIES AT A TIME, WHICH ACCORDING TO THEM LOOK ATTRACTIVE. I THINK IT IS BETTER U AVOID THOSE PERSONS. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT, A GOOD DOCTOR IS ONE WHO PRESCRIBES LESS NUMBER OF MEDICINES TO A PATIENT. THIS IS CALLED PIN-POINT DIAGNOSIS OF THE PROBLEM. More in the following postings.... Best regards, Suman Mukherjee India.

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